You've reached the work of Jeff Noyes — a designer out of the greater Boston area.

What I Do

For nearly 20 years, I've been architecting and designing web applications, content management systems and the design teams behind them. I'm passionate about great design, process, and building experiences that empower people.


My Work: Drupal Gardens

Drupal Gardens is a SAAS offering of Drupal 7. Dries Buyteart (Drupal's founder), a few others and myself created the vision for Drupal Gardens - to open Drupal to the masses by breaking down:

  • Installation barriers by eliminating Apache, PHP, MySQL configuraiton issues
  • Theming barriers by eliminating the need to understand Drupal's templating system as well as HTML and CSS
  • Module barriers by eliminating the need to understand which modules are used most often, which versions work best, how to find them, and how to use them. Views, Fivestar, CCK, Date, Pathauto, Google Sitemap, and countless others were redsigned during this process.
  • Upgrading issues by leveraging SAAS
  • Access to designers and developers by creating an open market of themes and modules created for Drupal Gardens

Many more designs are available upon request

Drupal Gardens Theme Builder

Point-and-click in-browswer themeing, allows users unfamiliar with HTML and CSS to choose a base theme of their liking, and customize nearly every attribute - undoing and redoing as necessary.

Drupal Commons

Drupal Commons is a packaged Drupal distribution for building online social communities. Originally, it was not recieved well, but after rearchitecting its interaction model and visual design, Forrester Research rated it ahead of Jive, Lithium, and Teligent for usability.

Acquia Network

The Acquia Network is a Web application used to host Drupal sites, and track each sites performance, scalability, and overall health. Together with Acquia founders, I helped craft the design and experience of the intial product. These designs represent version 2 of the Network.

Countless other designs available!

I've worked for product companies, service compaines, agencies - even open source communities. I've designed for companies of all sizes, for more industries than I can recall. I can proudly claim that my work has helped millions of users across the globe achieve things they couldnt have before, and work more efficiently.

This work is just a small sampling. Feel free to contact me for additional samples.

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