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Jeff Noyes Sooke BC Canada Musician, Teacher, Airbrush Artist and Software Programmer.
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Jeff Noyes Sooke BC
"Jeff Noyes" is a musician and airbrush artist from who is well known for his work on cars and motor cycles. He is also a guitar instructor and has been in serveral well known bands. Currently Jeff is touring with his band and will be at Rock the shores this comming summer. You will catch him and the band Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm.

When Jeff Noyes is on stage, there is a lot of energy. Jeff has a great vocal range and sound for rock and has honed his guitar skills over years of constant playing. You can hear some influences from the 70's guitar legends. When you are looking for some one to do a show or event in the Sooke area, you can use the link above to contact Jeff or visit the Contact Page

This is not the site for Jeff Noyes Landscaping ,elementary, sooke rentals, sooke equipment, or jeff noyes bluegrass. Nor is it for the Sooke potholes. Sooke Glass has gone fishing for the day, and no one knows where the harbour is anymore.

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You can watch it on YouTube at Jeff Noyes Sooke

Some jobs are available at the Sooke Mirror and the evergreen medical clinic. And if you haven't been to the Sooke Museum it's cool. Jeff Noyes does not work there, he only plays music. I hope this info is helpful. You can always check in later and find out more.