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Jeff Noyes Sooke BC is available for events, weddings, concerts, music festivals, private parties and more.

Jeff offers guitar lessons to all ages, all styles, both acoustic and electric guitar. If you want bass guitar lessons or drum lessons, Jeff teaches those instruments as well. You can learn more on Jeff’s main lessons and information site

Jeff Noyes has been teaching in the Sooke area for 16 years and has a lot of experience with teaching, sound engineering, audio recording and live performances such as rock concerts and theatre productions.

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Jeff does Airbrush Art Too!

Jeff’s Airbrush Corner

Jeff also does some amazing airbrush artwork.

You can check it out, and if you have a motorcycle, car, RV, riffle, boat, ATV, race car or anything you need to look cool, Jeff can paint it!

Airbrush Artwork

Jeff Noyes Guitar Bass & Drum Lessons

Learn more about Sooke BC and Jeff’s artwork.

Some jobs are available at the Sooke Mirror and the evergreen medical clinic. And if you haven't been to the Sooke Museum it's cool. Jeff Noyes does not work there, he only plays music. I hope this info is helpful. You can always check in later and find out more.

Learn more about cars, guitars, airbrush artwork and more on Jeff’s YouTube Channel.

This is Jeff’s Website. Sooke is getting bigger every year, and it’s well known for music, arts and crafts. So you will probably be very happy to know that there is a brand new guitar shop in Sooke. Owner Jeff Noyes is well known for guitar lesson in Sooke. Jeff sometimes spends his time performing at places like Kemp Lake Music Cafe

Enjoy the site, and please click contact if you have any questions.

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