Welcome to my site, my name is Jeff Noyes from a small town called Sooke . Welcome to my Site, and thanks for visiting today! I have been a guitar instructor for many years, and with today’s technology, I have found I can help people even faster with my online fast-track system. When you sign up for Jeff Noyes online guitar lessons you don't have to live in the area, you can be anywhere in the world ! You will get instant access to my videos in the members area 24/7 so you can work with the videos at your convenience, and also replay them over and over as many times s you like. You can also stop it and work on a bit, then continue. These are all things you can only do with guitar lessons online. Sooke is a growing community, well known for art and music. So you will be thrilled to know that there is a brand new guitar shop in town. The owner Jeff Noyes is well known for teaching guitar in town for several years. you may have seen him performing in or around town. On occasion he spends his day off busking at places like Western Foods and many of the ofther cafes and places that support the arts. Jeff opened the Music School located at 6596 Sooke Rd.
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