Adventure Activities in New Zealand

New Zealand offers an abundance of activities designed to get your heart racing, such as windswept rivers, coastal trails, jagged peaks, redwood forests and mountain biking trails.

Queenstown in the South Island’s South Island is widely considered the adventure capital of the world, offering activities such as bungy jumping, jet boating and heli-skiing.


Hiking is an enjoyable way to combine exercise with taking in New Zealand’s stunning landscapes. There are hundreds of hikes across the country ranging from short strolls and day trails, all the way through multi-day wilderness treks.

Hikes offer an excellent opportunity to spend time outdoors while unplugging from modern technology. One of the great things about hiking is seeing beautiful sights and experiencing nature without distraction from phones, tablets or other devices.

New Zealand boasts a vast network of hiking trails that traverse its stunning mountains, rainforests and river valleys. These paths can range in length but always remain well marked to make finding them easy.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the many thrilling adventures available in New Zealand, providing an ideal way to experience its beautiful countryside while being great fun for family groups.

Rafting is a popular activity in New Zealand, and numerous companies provide trips along various rivers and gorges. Other adventure activities available in the country include cave tubing, jetboating and bungee jumping.

Rafting may seem like an extreme activity, but it can actually be immensely enjoyable and satisfying. Successful river navigation requires teamwork and communication between members of your rafting party in order to successfully traverse its waters.

Whitewater rafting comes in three grades, 1, 2, and 5. While grades 1 and 2 offer safe activities suitable for families with younger kids, grade 5 features technical rapids that require advanced skill to navigate safely.

If you want an intense rafting adventure, look no further than Rotorua’s Kaituna River – featuring New Zealand’s highest commercially rafted waterfall with an astounding 7-metre drop! For an exhilarating river experience that is guaranteed to excite and exhilarate, look no further!

Cave Tubing

New Zealand offers many exciting adventure activities, and one that combines adrenaline with relaxation is Cave Tubing. Sitting comfortably on an air-filled tube and drifting through limestone caves will take your mind far away from city streets.

If you’re up for an extra-exciting adventure, black water rafting could be your ticket to unforgettable fun in Waitomo. Not for the faint-hearted, these black water rafting trips require swimming through narrow passageways and jumping off waterfalls into underground streams to reach dark depths of darkness.

Nohoch Che’en Park offers one of Central America’s largest river cave systems and provides an exciting adventure activity – Nohoch Che’en Cave Tubing Tour from Belize City will let you discover this ancient landscape while being protected by lush rainforest surroundings. This thrilling activity allows participants to experience Belize like never before while providing unique access to this underground world!


If you’re seeking something out-of-the-ordinary to experience, look no further than zorbing. First introduced to Rotorua, New Zealand and widely enjoyed ever since its creation in 2007, zorbing has quickly become one of the most exciting activities to try there.

An inflatable ball suitable for two or more people and capable of providing hours of fun. You can use it anywhere – grass, snow, ice or even water! It makes an exciting alternative to traditional beach days.

Zorbing first emerged in Rotorua, New Zealand and has since spread internationally as an extreme sport. Popularly referred to as globe riding or globe sphereing and available in multiple variations such as hydro zorbing (riding in an inflatable ball filled with water) or harness zorbing (in which two people share an inflatable sphere), zorbing is sure to keep adrenaline pumping and make your journey truly unforgettable!