African Safari Experiences

Safari experiences are unmatched ways of experiencing Africa’s wildlife and landscapes, from mokoro rides on rivers to joy flights over herds of wildebeest or walking safaris into uncharted wilderness areas.

Are You Wanting to Spot the ‘Big Five’ (Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants and Cape Buffalos) in Kruger National Park of South Africa? Kruger is an excellent destination to start looking.


Kenya is famous for its wildlife reserves and parks, drawing wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe who come in search of Africa’s Big Five: lions, elephants, buffalo and rhinoceroses.

Kenyan safari experiences provide an unforgettable blend of wildlife and culture that dates back millennia. Additionally, modern ethnic influences and values come to life through food, music, dance, art and traditional dress – offering visitors an unforgettable experience unlike any other!

Kenya’s national parks and conservancies are managed by local communities with an eye toward conserving natural environments, and by visiting these sites you help support their conservation efforts.


Tanzania is one of Africa’s premier safari destinations, boasting vast parks and reserves that host some of the renowned “Big Five”, along with other majestic mammals like lion, elephant, buffalo, hippo and chimpanzee.

Watching the Great Migration, in which millions of wildebeest and zebra migrate annually across Serengeti plains, is one of the greatest wildlife encounters to experience here; but there’s much more besides just this annual event, such as hot-air ballooning over Serengeti or boat cruising Rufiji River delta.

Add beach holidays like Zanzibar or Mafia Island for diving, snorkeling and fishing to make the adventure even more unique and lifelong friendships! Your African safari experiences will remain with you forever as unforgettable memories and new connections form along the way.

An armed ranger can also lead you on a walk through Tanzania’s breathtaking beauty – this way, you may even get to witness its fascinating wildlife first-hand! Cheetahs, leopards and other predators could even show up!


Uganda offers a unique African safari experience with its abundance of national parks and reserves where you can witness all five African Big 5 during game drives or track chimpanzees through forests.

Make it an exciting holiday by choosing from among a range of safari activities to suit your interests and style of travel – night game drives are great ways to watch for nocturnal animals or taking nature walks to observe some of nature’s most gorgeous creatures! Find activities that best meet your travel interests to make sure it remains unforgettable and exciting!

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest are two of the most acclaimed safari experiences available to visitors to Uganda, while Golden Monkey tracking at Mgahinga may also prove exciting for primate lovers.


Rwanda is one of Africa’s top safari destinations and offers an exciting selection of tours ranging from 100% tailor-made departures to small group departures. Its breathtaking mountains and crater lakes make Rwanda ideal for hiking and active trekking excursions, while conservation efforts have resulted in some of Africa’s rarest gorilla species being preserved here.

Visit Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda for a truly extraordinary gorilla tracking adventure, where expert trackers will guide you to spend precious moments with these gentle giants of the mountain forest. It will be an experience to remember for a lifetime – you won’t ever forget it!