North American Road Trips

Road-tripping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore North America. You can travel at your own pace, stop and admire the scenery along the way and soak up local culture as you go.

With that in mind, we’ve curated the ultimate road trips across America – featuring scenic drives through national parks and stunning coastlines as well as historic thoroughfares.

1. The Loneliest Road

Road trips are an integral part of travel across the US, yet not every road trip is glamorous.

There are certain remote and challenging roads that offer travelers a daunting adventure; Alaska’s Dalton Highway stands out as an example; this highway has earned its title as one of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Before US Route 50’s completion, travelers were often left isolated and feeling as if their journey were never ending. With its completion came greater sense of connection across cities throughout America – providing travelers with something they needed more of than before!

2. US-20

Route 20 runs the length of the United States from Oregon to Massachusetts through 12 states and showcases rolling hills, working landscapes, and peaceful communities that give an authentic representation of middle America.

An unforgettable road trip awaits on US-20, offering epic American experiences at every turn while not breaking your budget.

3. US-50

US-50 is an important road that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans across a vast nation, measuring 4,800km (3000 miles). One of America’s main arteries, it connects all 50 states.

The road runs from Ocean City in Maryland to West Sacramento in California and serves as an epic cross-cultural journey, connecting sea to mountains, desert to green prairies, cities to many others along its path.

Highway expansion and modification have occurred frequently over time, reflecting individual states’ control of routing within their own borders.

4. US-83

US-83 is known as “Road to Nowhere”, as it traverses some of America’s most picturesque and diverse landscapes – from Great Plains and Canada’s Swan River all the way down to Mexico! Don’t miss this amazing road trip!

Journey of North American history spanning nearly every period, including exploration and World War II. Passage through wide open spaces, beautiful river valleys and some of the country’s most remarkable ecosystems.

5. US-80

The US-80 is an iconic road that spans from Savannah on the Atlantic to San Diego on the Pacific, connecting two coasts for over 1,000 miles between them. First planned as one of America’s first highways back in 1925.

Along the route you will witness glacier-carved peaks, bird-filled marshlands and everything in between – making for an amazing journey across 11 states and 2,902 miles! It makes for the ideal itinerary to experience America.

6. US-95

Interstate 95, one of the United States’ major roadways, plays an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Linking many major cities within its route, it acts as a vital link for transporting people between them.

Make the US-95 your next road trip destination and be transported through some of North America’s most picturesque landscapes – from Georgia’s stunning beaches to Virginia’s wild marshes – you won’t want to leave this iconic route unexplored! Check out some of these fantastic road trip spots along its path for unforgettable road trip memories.

7. US-97

Traveling across the United States is an incredible way to witness some of our country’s most breathtaking landscapes. An ideal road trip route would be along US-97, an interstate highway connecting northern California, Oregon and Washington over 663 miles.

On your travels along this corridor, you will encounter incredible cultures, wildlife, natural marvels, and unforgettable stops that offer unforgettable adventures! Don’t miss this thrilling voyage of discovery!